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Projects at TerraFocus


The Condor Cam Project

Our innovative Web camera system was designed to capture video images of California condor chicks being prepared for release into the wild and to transmit the images live to the Internet. It would also show images of free-flying condors that return to visit the chick rearing area or to feed nearby. We worked on this project for over two years. While we completed the development of this quite sophisticated system, new restrictions due to a change of location of the release site prevented us from implementing it.

Condor Exhibit

TerraFocus collaborated with the Ventana Wilderness Society in designing and preparing a major exhibit for the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. The exhibit was on the California condor recovery efforts. It was on display at the museum for five months in the Spring and Summer of 2003. Parts of the exhibit are now touring.

Envision America

Envision America asks citizens to think about what role they want American to play in protecting the global commons. The focus is on the positive; it is non-partisan, non-confrontational and not about special interests. The goal is to get Americans thinking and talking about what values and principles they want to be the foundation of who we are as a nation, and what we stand for as a people, especially as these values relate to the environment. And then to communicate those ideas to their friends, their community, their news media and their political representatives. Finally, Envision America urges all Americans to vote.

Environmental Scholarships

To support our interest in educating and involving youth, this scholarship has been offered to qualified students who have shown serious interest in environmental concerns. The scholarship helps prepare the student for a role in protecting the natural world or in educating others about environmental and conservation issues.

Saving Native Salmon

To spread the word that the Snake River salmon are threatened with extinction, TerraFocus concepted a one-hour documentary video for broadcast on TV. The video illustrates how the salmon’s decline is an indicator of the degradation of our natural resources, and how human activities are affecting Pacific Northwest ecosystems.