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About TerraFocus

We’re a nonprofit group that encourages understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the natural world. We promote awareness that a healthy and vibrant environment is an essential partner to economic and social progress.

We ask citizens to be thoughtful about what they want America to stand for and about how we should act with respect to local and global environmental issues. We encourage citizens to make their ideas known and to vote so their thinking will help shape the future.

Because we feel education is key, we work to bring information to the public, focusing attention on the way we use our ecosystems. We encourage people everywhere to be aware of what’s happening in our environment and to get involved where they can to insure a healthy and vigorous world to live in.

At TerraFocus we have created solutions for environmental problems applying technology, where needed, to aid field biologists. We have conceived and managed the creation of a major museum exhibit on the California Condor. We have also supported students planning careers in environmental fields.

How We Work

TerraFocus is a project-driven organization. Our overhead is minimal and our operation adaptable. Our approaches and methods are positive and non-confrontational. We support our activities with grants, in-kind services, corporate sponsorships, donations, and memberships.